Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a refugee resettlement deal with Australia is still on the table, but there have been "no discussions" about it recently.

And she got in a subtle dig at the Aussies when interviewed about it today.

Yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a vague response when asked whether Australia would turn to New Zealand once the US resettlement deal ends.

"The government is always looking at ways in which it can resettle those who are on Nauru," he said, according to


"So we will continue to use the arrangements that we have in place to be able to resettle people, and that is the assurance that we have provided," he added.

There is speculation that the Australian government assured senator Jacqui Lambie that it would pursue a deal with New Zealand, to win her support for repealing medevac.

The Medevac Bill provides critically sick refugees and asylum seekers held in offshore detention centres a pathway to enter Australia for urgent medical care.

The deal was first offered to Australia under the previous New Zealand government.

However, Ardern today told Sky News that it is still available and she is still open to discussions with Australia over it.

"Just to be clear, that offer does remain on the table?" Sky News' Jackson Williams asked.

"Yes, that has not changed. The ball is obviously in Australia's court," Ardern replied.

The Prime Minister added there have been "no discussions" at any level with Australia.


"As far as I'm concerned, we're still at the same status quo that we've been at for some time."

"Does that annoy you? Do you hope Australia takes the offer up?" Williams asked.

"Look, as I've said, the offer was made under a previous government," Ardern said.

"Yeah, but surely you don't want the hundreds of refugees remaining in limbo?" he said.

"You would have heard me speak multiple times on this. Of course, it's not about what New Zealand hopes or wants. Ultimately the ball has sat with Australia domestically for quite some time," Ardern replied.

The Sky News correspondent continued to press our Prime Minister.

"If Australia were to accept the offer, would you want something in return? Such as Australia to stop deporting criminals?" he asked.

"That is not how we operate our relationship. And those who have been of course covering us for some time will of course know that that is not how New Zealand and Australia work," she replied.