National's drug reform spokeswoman Paula Bennett turned a few heads in Parliament this afternoon when she pulled out a bag of green leaves in a clear plastic bag.

Questioning Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Bennett asked: "Does she think it promotes the wellbeing of New Zealanders when, under her Government's legislation, people will be able to purchase up to 14 grams a day of weed?"

After Ardern answered, Speaker Trevor Mallard told Bennett – and Finance Minister Grant Robertson who was interjecting – to "chill out".

The confusion around what was in the bag was laid to rest when Bennett told reporters after question time that it was not, in fact, a bag of cannabis, but in fact a bag of oregano.


She said it was "look-alike cannabis" and was trying to show that the quantity was a lot.

Under the draft cannabis legislation bill, which would be made law if New Zealanders vote yes on the cannabis referendum next year, individuals would have a 14g limit on the amount of cannabis they would be allowed to carry.

"I think that is too much for personal use."

See the full video here (skip to 3:00 for the goods)