Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst has reappointed long-term councillor Tania Kerr as deputy mayor for the coming triennium.

First elected to Hastings District Council in 2008, Kerr was deputy mayor for the past two years.

In her time as the Mohaka ward councillor, Kerr has represented council on regional committees such as regional transport, coastal hazards strategy, district licensing (chair), waste minimisation (chair), and is also an experienced hearings commissioner.

"Tania has a clear understanding and strongly represents the interests, opportunities and challenges of the rural community and the primary sector," Hazlehurst said.


"This sector is the backbone of our economy and it is incredibly important to the wellbeing of our district. A focus for our council this term is planning for future growth and managing land use.

"Through Tania's knowledge of the district plan, the hinterland and the plains she will support council with her expertise in planning for future development."

Kerr thanked Hazlehurst for having the belief in her to choose her again as deputy mayor, as well as her fellow councillors for their encouragement and support, and the council staff.

"It's a team effort – we are here to make our world a better place for our people – when it comes to the hard decisions that is what I remember and hold on to."

At Tuesday's meeting newly re-elected Hastings/Havelock North ward councillors Wendy Schollum and Eileen Lawson were also present to make their declarations for the coming term.

Hazlehurst said she had a great council with a "blend of experience, skills, culture and new energy".

"The council of 2019-2022 is going to be awesome.

"Over the next 12 months we will be going out to ask the community what is important to them and start building our next big picture 30-year plan, which puts our people at the heart of everything we do."