The Waikato Mongrel Mob's PR person says Simon Bridges' latest swipe at gangs is a poor attempt to swing votes.

In a video posted to Facebook Bridges said the Mob is trying to convince people they've become upstanding community members by wheeling out their new PR person.

"They abuse women and they terrorise communities," Bridges said.

The Mongrel Mob Kingdom's PR liaison Louise Hutchinson said Bridges was using the tactic because being tough on crime is a vote winner.


She also said it was inaccurate as she was only the PR liaison for the Mongrel Mob Kingdom, not the wider group.

Bridges made the video in response to a television appearance of Hutchinson following a Herald article announcing her new role.

Hutchinson said Bridges was misinformed and refuted his claim that the Mongrel Mob Kingdom peddled misery and meth.

"They have a zero-tolerance for methamphetamine in this chapter," Hutchinson said.

The Waikato Kingdom Mongrel Mob patch. Image / Supplied
The Waikato Kingdom Mongrel Mob patch. Image / Supplied

What Bridges had said was harmful and he was peddling untruths according to Hutchinson.

"He's just making those comments for his political agenda, National has always been heading into election years using gangs as scapegoats because they know it's a vote winner," Hutchinson said.

Bridges said under the Labour Government gang numbers had risen by 26 per cent and there were 1400 more patched gang members around the country terrorising the community.

"Maybe they're being drawn to Paitoa [Kingdom leader Sonny Fatupaito] and the likes of the Mongrel Mob Kingdom because of the positivity and the hope they are given," Hutchinson said.

Bridges has been vocal on the issue of gangs in Aotearoa and last month said "National hates gangs" and that they were responsible for the scourge of drugs in New Zealand.


Police said at a press conference earlier this year gangs were evolving but not fast enough.

"They're legitimising themselves, or trying to and engendering public sympathy," Detective Sergeant Ray Sunkel said.

Fatupaito responded to Sunkel's remarks by saying Sunkel's comments were offensive.