An Auckland policeman has fearlessly swum out to a boat stranded on rocks to check on the safety of the two people onboard.

Waitemata East Detective Jason Hamblyn was in the Rothesay Bay area yesterday morning when he saw the boat run aground on rocks about 100m offshore.

"Putting the safety of those onboard ahead of his own safety, he quickly swam out to check on the welfare of the crew," police said in Facebook post.

"He found that the two men onboard were ok and safe, but had lost their way in the fog and their boat had run onto the rocks."


The boat was subsequently left listing to the side with water coming onboard.

A Coast Guard vessel arrived and took the two men safely off the boat while the police Deodar launch stood by in case it was needed in assistance.

Hamblyn then happily jumped overboard and safely swam back to shore.