New parking machines placed in an Auckland Council CBD car park feature a wheelchair assistance button that is placed out of reach of wheelchairs users.

The design fail was highlighted by an Auckland wheelchair user who took to Twitter to share a photograph of the machine, noting sarcastically that the technology was "so inclusive, so accessible, such good design!"

"This, friends, is a brand new payment kiosk installed in the @AklTransport Vic St parking building," he wrote.

"And yes, that pink arrow is pointing at the button you have to push for assistance if you use a wheelchair. But PLOT TWIST if you're in a chair, the button's actually out of reach!"


A spokesman for Auckland Transport confirmed to the Herald that it was asking a contractor to alter the five machines, which were installed at the Victoria Street car park in late August.

"We have asked the contractor to look at altering the machine to make sure the assistance button is accessible to a person in a wheelchair."

The machines aren't installed in any other council-owned car parks.

Auckland Transport said it takes accessibility issues seriously and there is a team of two who look after mobility and accessibility issues.

However, in this case the work was done by a contractor and it did not believe any consultation had taken place.

Councillor Richard Hills responded to the tweet, saying the design was "terrible" and calling for an urgent review of how new technology was installed, which he said was a "no brainer".