A University of Waikato student received an online threat that put the campus' halls of residence into semi-lockdown.

However, Hamilton Police assessed the threat as low level and did not attend the incident, though they continue to investigate today.

The drama unfolded at 9.30pm last night when a female student living in one of the university's halls of residence received the threat "to her safety and that of others", senior deputy vice chancellor Alister Jones said.

The young woman alerted the residential assistant on her floor of the accommodation block and they escalated her concerns to senior university staff.


"A student received some threats from someone external to the university and she just happened to be on campus."

Jones said security staff were notified and the incident was reported to police.

While police assessed the threat, made directly to the student via social media, students were asked not leave the halls, but those with security cards were allowed in.

Jones would not say exactly what the threat was but said the man who made it knew the young woman.

"But it was not a long-term thing."

He believed the situation was an isolated incident but said the university took immediate action.

"The student feels that we've taken her concerns seriously."

It's not clear if the man who made the threats lives in Hamilton.


Jones said there were four halls of residence with about 1000 students living in them.

Hamilton Police confirmed they received a report overnight that a person had been threatened via social media.

"Inquiries established there was no threat present. Police will continue to make inquiries today regarding the incident."