A starving dog found in Paraparaumu Beach with a choker chain deeply embedded across her chest and shoulder has been rescued by the by SPCA.

Beanie, 2, a Mastiff X Boxer, has improved a lot after a week in SPCA Wellington care.

She was found when a member of the public reported her wandering around Paraparaumu Beach, on the Kāpiti Coast.

SPCA Inspector Elissa McIntosh found Beanie in a "horrific" condition.


"When I arrived on site, I was shocked to find Beanie in an emaciated condition.

Beanie and her chain scar. Photo / Wellington SPCA
Beanie and her chain scar. Photo / Wellington SPCA

"I could see all her ribs and her hip bones.

"There was a choker chain that had embedded deeply under her left front leg.

"It smelt strongly of infection."

An investigation was launched to find Beanie's owner but no one came forward to claim her.

She will remain in SPCA's care until she has fully recovered and is ready to be rehomed.

Despite the traumatic situation Beanie was in, McIntosh was surprised at how sweet natured she is.

"Beanie must have been in a lot of pain, but she didn't react at all when I lifted her up and put her safely in the back of my van."


At SPCA's Wellington Centre Beanie received immediate veterinary treatment.

SPCA vets believe the choker chain had been embedded in her chest and shoulder for at least two weeks.

Beanie had to be placed under general anaesthetic and the chain was surgically removed.

The chain was so deeply embedded, her skin was growing through the chain links and it had to be cut from her body.

SPCA Wellington Centre's Vetcare team leader Heidi Olsen said Beanie's transformation in just a few days had been incredible to witness.

"When Beanie first arrived, she was in a horrible way.

"She was absolutely terrified and completely shut down to everything happening around her.

"Now her coat is already shinier, her wound is healing well, and we are slowly teaching her the world isn't a big scary place.

An improved Beanie after being in SPCA care. Photo / Wellington SPCA
An improved Beanie after being in SPCA care. Photo / Wellington SPCA

"She has already come so far in a matter of days.

"Beanie is so sweet and lovely and would be the perfect addition to someone's family once she is fully healed and rehabilitated."