Australia broadcaster Alan Jones has apologised to Jacinda Ardern after making offensive comments about her on air.

The shock jock suggested Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison "shove a sock down her throat" to silence her on climate change.

But hours later Jones called in from a funeral he was attending to apologise to Ardern live on air - and said he had also written to her to say sorry.

"I was wrong, and I apologise," he said about the comments.


"When these things happen, you've just got to man up, pivot, face it and apologise for it."

Jones said he was at a funeral so did not know if Ardern had replied to his apology but he had heard others were offended.

He was aware people had called for advertisers to pull slots from Sydney's radio 2GB over his comments.

"She's both a politician and a mother," he said.

"I am certainly wanting the very best for her family and I hope at some stage we are able to talk.

"In this game, you've got to choose your words carefully and I didn't do that."