Australian shock jock Alan Jones has launched yet another attack on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, calling her "gormless" and a hypocrite, despite widespread criticism after calling for a sock to be shoved down her throat.

Jones has copped flak, including from his own Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, Fiji's Frank Bainimarama and former PM Malcolm Turnbull since attacking Ardern over her comments about Australia's climate change efforts during the Pacific Islands Forum on Thursday.

The outspoken broadcaster described Ardern as "lightweight" and said Morrison should "shove a sock down her throat" after Ardern said Australia had to answer to Pacific nations about climate change at the meeting in Tuvalu.

Ardern has declined to respond to the comment, saying she didn't want to give "the light of day".


In a statement yesterday, Jones – a former Wallabies coach – said he had been misinterpreted and was saying Morrison should tell Ardern to "put a sock in it".

"Of course I would not wish any harm to Jacinda Ardern," he said.

But this morning, he lashed out again, saying: "It's easy to run around the world, smile at people and look good and hug people and all the rest of it".

"At home, people vote for a particular reason. They want things to be done. And in your country and our country, they're not being done," he told Newstalk ZB.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come to Ardern's defence after Jones' comments.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come to Ardern's defence after Jones' comments.

Returning to the air on Friday, Jones continued his attack on the Prime Minister, saying her position on climate change was "ignorant and stupid" and that she had acted hypocritically.

"When is Jacinda Ardern going to start culling the dairy herds in New Zealand?" he said, reading a letter.

Jones then proceeded to call the climate discussion a "hoax" before saying Australia's actions on the issue would make no difference when compared to China's emissions.

"What is the gormless Ardern going to say today to China?" Jones asked.


During his two-hour show on Friday he repeatedly returned to the topic and pointed out Ardern had been President of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

Ardern's comments came as Australia faced increasing pressure from other members of the Pacific Islands Forum to take more action on climate change.

Former Australian prime minister Turnbull was one of the loudest voices to criticise Jones, calling for the radio host to apologise for his "misogynistic rant".

Turnbull praised a comment from Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, who said it was "easy to tell someone to shove a sock down a throat when you're sitting in the comfort of a studio".

"Try saying it to a Tuvaluan child pleading for help," Bainimarama said.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison told reporters Jones' comment was "very disappointing".

"I have two daughters, so you can expect that's how I would feel personally about it. I'll leave others to explain what they've said and how they've said it," Morrison said.

Jones in 2012 faced criticism after saying former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be "shoved in a chaff bag".