There are reports that a person has been seriously injured after a crash in Mount Maunganui this afternoon.

A police spokeswoman said the crash between a car and a motorbike happened on Farm St at 4.45pm.

She said initial reports were that one person had received serious injuries.

The road is closed and traffic management is in place.


A St John spokeswoman said one person was transported to Tauranga Hospital in a serious condition.

Farm St resident David Henderson did not see the accident but said the aftermath looked "pretty serious" and it was "awful to see".

He said there was "traffic chaos" with cars backed up in both directions.

He said Farm St was an "accident waiting to happen" and residents had been fighting for improved safety on the road for over a year.

A Farm St resident who witnessed the crash said the bike had crashed into the back of a car.

She said the biker went "flying" and had received a serious leg injury.

The lady in the car was "shaken up" after the accident, she said.

Another witness said there was a large skid mark near the crash scene.


He said there had been a bus coming behind the motorbike and it was lucky it was able to stop.