Emotion is raw after New Zealand came just centimetres from winning the Cricket World Cup this morning. Clinical psychologist and life coach Karen Nimmo offers some advice to help Kiwi fans deal with the devastation.

1. Commiserate with fellow fans.

It's important to have a little wallow and it's nice to do it with people who understand the sport.

2. Go to work.

It's not a leave pass to take the day off. It's better to stay with your usual routine if you are feeling a little bit out of sorts.

3. Distract yourself with other activities.

Make sure you have other ways of taking your mind off the cricket.


4. Celebrate the good.

There were some amazing moments throughout the Cricket World Cup, not to mention the final. It is important to sit back and say "wow" - and be grateful that you were a part of it.

5. Put yourself in the mind of the players.

It will be a tough flight home for them. After absorbing a final like that and it came down to one ball it's hard to swallow. As fans, we don't feel it as hard as they do. When your career, income and a large chunk of your identity is ripped up - that's a much harder loss to take than from us on the outside.

6. Sleep.

Make sure you go to bed early tonight. Being sleep-deprived makes everything seem worse.

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