A drunk driver left a couple fearing for the safety of their baby as he repeatedly rammed into the back of their car.

Foipolu Alatipi made the drunken decision to drive home from Petone to Miramar after drinking 11 beers at a Christmas party last year, Stuff reported.

He first rammed into the back of the family's car on the Petone Esplanade and hit them again when they pulled over.

In an attempt to stop Alatipi, the man yelled that there was a baby in the back but he rammed them again as the couple tried to protect the baby's head and neck.


On the drive home Alatipi also smashed into several parked cars and scraped his car along the side of the Mt Victoria tunnel.

When stopped by police he told them he had consumed 11 beers. His blood alcohol was 220 micrograms, 170 micrograms over the legal limit, Stuff reported.

Alatipi pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol and dangerous driving in Wellington District Court, Stuff said.

He was fined $1000 over both charges, was ordered to be on supervision for nine months, disqualified from driving for 28 days, ordered to get an alcohol interlock and would need to apply for a zero alcohol licence so he could not drive after drinking anything for three years.