A Hastings farmer is at her wits' end after yet another dog attack left one of her sheep bloodied, with puncture wounds on its neck.

Denise Davis said the attack occurred in broad daylight on Thursday morning at Hawke's Bay Equestrian Park.

"Fortunately this time someone was there tending their horses and they chased off the dog before more damage was done.

"One of the dogs was caught and handed to animal control, the other went back to its owner."


She said it was really upsetting the attacks had not stopped.

"It's the same mob of sheep that have been attacked three times now, they are under so much stress, it's quite alarming."

Davis says she's running out of options on what to do.

"We can't move the sheep because they need to graze there, there are no other options, we are short on grass.

"It's been a harsh winter."

Davis, who has had five properties targeted by roaming dogs, said that while there were dog attacks on stock last year, it was nowhere near the scale seen this month, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

"It's not just from the loss of the animals, it's also employing someone to dispose of the carcasses, the vet bills for the injured sheep and then there the stress affecting the rest of the flock, and their productivity.

"We take great pride in finishing our stock well and it's devastating - all of us are up throughout the night monitoring the stock - we need these dog owners to be responsible."


This year, to date, excluding Thursday's attack, there had been 18 reports of dog attacks on livestock in Hawke's Bay and farmers called for stricter rules surrounding dog control.

Over the last month there have been 12 reports of stock worrying and 143 sheep killed in different locations, causing distress to landowners feeling the impact both financially and emotionally.