A Christchurch parking meter raider is alleged to have stolen more than $60,000 in a daring three-month spree.

Under the cover of darkness, Brent John Davie biked into the Christchurch CBD with a jemmy bar tucked up his sleeve.

The 45-year-old would force open the cash door of the meter, remove the cash tin, and disappear.

Christchurch City Council reported 178 thefts.


Davie was arrested and accused of theft. A representative charge says the offending happened between January and March 29 this year.

The police allege that he got away with $60,712.70 in cash.

He's also blamed for $84,353 in damage to the parking meters.

Today at Christchurch District Court, Davie pleaded guilty to the charge of theft.

But while Davie admits the "majority" thefts, he disputes the total number and therefore the amounts involved.

Judge Brian Callaghan remanded him to a disputed facts hearing on August 19 before he is sentenced on September 12.

When police caught up with him, 12 parking meter coin tins were found at his house.

He told officers he had a severe Ritalin, methamphetamine and gambling addictions.