South Auckland train commuters can expect more hassles on the lines this morning after Auckland Transport announced more confirmed cancellations.

Several delays and cancellations have occurred on AT's train services over the past few weeks, mainly on the Southern Line.

The announcement follows a similar call yesterday from AT who warned customers to expect additional cancellations or delays to services.

Confirmed cancellations for Wednesday, June 19:


• 6.54am Papakura to Britomart
• 7.03am Manukau to Britomart
• 7.34am Papakura to Britomart
• 7.46am Britomart to Manukau
• 7.50am Britomart to Papakura
• 8.30am Britomart to Papakura
• 8.33am Manukau to Britomart
• 8.54am Papakura to Britomart

AT said multiple temporary speed restrictions are in place around the city, enforced by KiwiRail which owns, controls and maintains the tracks.

Tracks were replaced in several places over Queen's Birthday weekend but there is further work to be completed on the Southern line.

"Most of these locations have been identified as needing the train tracks to be completely replaced," AT said.

"KiwiRail has assured us that the track is safe. These speed restrictions help maintain the track condition until maintenance work can be completed."

Auckland Transport said it is working with KiwiRail and Transdev to resolve the issue as soon as possible with planned maintenance.

"We find these delays and cancellations incredibly frustrating, as many of our customers will do, and we apologise for this," the organisation said.

On Tuesday last week, commuters were told to take alternative public transport after an overhead line fault led to cancellations.


The fault affected the Southern and Eastern lines but also hit the Western line as trains and crews were being repositioned, AT said.