An Auckland woman who saved a goat on the loose from oncoming traffic had her bike stolen during her good deed.

Auckland Council employee Jessica Rose was riding home through Sandringham on Thursday night at 9.30pm when she came across a frightened and startled goat roaming the streets.

With traffic speeding down Fowlds Avenue at more than 50km/h, Jessica steered the escaped goat off the road and onto the verge.

Despite the goat, which animal control believe is pregnant, being spooked, Jessica and five good Samaritans managed to tie it to a tree and out of the way of serious harm.


But Jessica was left frustrated at the lack of care from those driving past.

"The goat was running all over the road. Even though it's a 50km/h speed zone, there were drivers going well and truly above the limit," she told the Herald.

"I didn't want to see a dead goat or cars swerving into someone else and creating a car crash.

"I dropped my bike and ran after the goat. People kept on driving past and didn't stop to help. I just stood in the road so cars would slow down.

"One of the guys who did help out managed to grab the goat by the horns before tying it to a tree.

"Just the speeds people are launching up the road at is pretty scary, especially suburban streets. The type of speeds they were driving at if they hit the goat or swerved, someone could have died."

The frightened escaped goat was found on Fowlds Ave in Sandringham. Photo / Supplied
The frightened escaped goat was found on Fowlds Ave in Sandringham. Photo / Supplied

After restraining the goat and tying it to a tree out of harm's way Jessica called animal control to come and take the escaped animal to safety.

But during the one-and-a-half hour ordeal, Jessica's good deed turned to distress when her bike was stolen.


"I called animal control and during that time someone stole my bicycle. I was just standing close by. If someone was walking why didn't they come and help? Instead, they decide it's a great opportunity to steal a bike.

"What is wrong with people?

"I'm probably not going to have much luck when I call the insurance company and tell them my bike was stolen because I left it on the side of the road while chasing a goat through Sandringham."

Jessica has since filed a police report over her stolen bike but no one has yet come forward with any information.

The bike has had many modifications and now Jessica is wanting her prized possession back.

"Whoever has taken it I just want it returned, no questions asked, no consequences. I just want it back."

Sandringham residents have been left disgruntled at Jessica's bad luck, but some are now considering starting a fundraiser should the good Samaritan's bike not be returned.