The coldest night of the year was recorded overnight Sunday with many spots across New Zealand dropping into the negatives.

The chilly weather was handed to the nation by a polar blast which brought heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail and even snow to much of the country over the weekend.

Auckland residents enjoyed a chilly but fine end to Queen's Birthday weekend with sunny skies tipped through Monday.

However, heavy rain is set to return and hit the entire North Island this week and temperatures drop as another weather system packs a punch.


We're officially four days into winter and temperatures will continue to drop as we head further into the season.

Here are five ways to fight the cold.

1. Remove the dampness from your home. Get your dehumidifier pumping to remove condensation from the air.

2. Open and close your curtains. While the winter sun might not be as strong as in the summer, it's important to open your curtains in the morning to let the sun heat your home and close your curtains as the sun goes down to try to retain the heat.

3. Block those chilly drafts. Make sure all your doors and windows are sealed around your home to restrict and stop the impact of cool winds. Curtains help block any drafts but a door sausage can help block and draughts from sliding under doors.

4. Layers, layers and more layers. Don't be afraid to pile on the extra clothing. Wrap up warm when you're outside with extra layers, including jackets, scarves and gloves.

5. Stay warm in bed. Dust off the old hot water bottle and fill it up before heading off to bed each night. Another way is to add extra layers of bedding, sheets, blankets and duvets all help.