New Zealand police are offering $100,000 for information about an unsolved murder in Christchurch 24 years ago.

Angela Blackmoore was stabbed to death in her house on Vancouver Crescent in Wainoni, Christchurch in August 1995.

Her 2-year-old son Dillon was sleeping in the house at the time of her death and there was no sign of forced entry.

Her partner, Laurie Anderson, discovered her body when he returned home after work at 11.20pm that night.


Police never found her killer, despite interviews with hundreds of people, and the case has remained open for more than two decades.

Investigations Manager Detective Inspector Corrie Parnell said it was a "horrific" crime which took the life of a young mother "with her whole life ahead of her".

Blackmoore was 21 at the time, and was 10 weeks' pregnant.

"Since Angela's murder our focus has been on bringing the person responsible to justice, and although many years have passed that focus has not changed," Parnell said.

"With the passing of time allegiances may have changed and we're appealing to anyone with information that might help, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, to contact us," he says.

Anyone with any information about the case could call a dedicated police phone number, 0800 22 1995.

The $100,000 reward was believed to be one of the largest ever offered by police.

Blackmoore was stabbed 39 times and the murder weapon was never found despite extensive searches around the city and up to 35 detectives working on the case.

It was thought that she knew her killer because she was extremely conscious about security and would not have opened the door to a stranger. It was closed and locked when her body was found.


It was the first time Anderson had left her alone at night after he had been called into work unexpectedly.

Her mother Pauline Keen, who died several years ago, made appeals to the public on anniversaries of her daughter's death.

In 2001, Keen said she was determined to fight for justice.

"There's no way in hell I'm going to let this lie," she said.