Following a standoff with armed police for several hours in Waihi, one person has been taken into custody.

Earlier tonight, a police spokesman said Donnelly St was blocked off at both ends after a person breached their bail conditions.

The person was believed to be in possession of a firearm but shortly after 9.10pm the police spokesman said the person was taken into custody.

A nearby resident on Gladstone Rd said police had been surrounding the street since 5.15pm.


"I've just got home and there's a police car parked directly out the front, AOS just over the road and some sort of forensic vehicle on the lawn out the front as well," she said.

"There are 13 or 14 police cars that I've been able to count ... and they've just put over the loudspeaker, 'Cmon mate, you're being a bit silly now, come out'."

The woman tried to peak from her lawn to see what was going on but was told to go back inside and "everything is all right" by a police officer.

However, at 8.40pm the woman said the number of police at the cordon doubled and before the person surrended a short time later.