Back in October 2017, NZ First leader Winston Peters announced change was the will of the people, and so he chose change.

That came in the form of a coalition with Labour. Since then, Peters and NZ First have been factors in stymying the very change Labour had promised.

The slow machinery of government, and money are other factors. Claire Trevett investigates the raft of measures delayed, scrapped or diluted and how much responsibility NZ First had for it all.

Until the last-minute suspension of the re-entry to the Pike River Mine, it was to have been a symbolic moment for the Government.

NZ First leader Winston Peters, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and Green Party co-leader James Shaw were to stand together to watch the re-entry into the drift.

It is one of the precious few policies the three parties have in common. That is why it was one of the first that kicked into action. The difficulties were practical - not political.

It was a policy of change, of delivering to the dead miners' families hope after the previous


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