Two women have been kicked out of a Rotorua District Court courtroom after making gang gestures to a man appearing in the court via audio visual link.

James Curtis from Rotorua was appearing before Judge Maree MacKenzie on 41 charges including for burglary, dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, disqualified driving and stealing petrol, when the incident occurred.

When he appeared on the screen, Judge MacKenzie cautioned two young women sitting in the public gallery against talking, telling them "this not a pub or a cafe" and their behaviour was "rude".

Curtis, who was giving gang gestures while his case was being discussed, was told by the judge to "stop that", which he did.


He was also warned by Judge MacKenzie to stop calling her "hey miss".

A police officer in court then spotted the women making gestures to Curtis, and ordered them to leave the courtroom. As they did, they put their hands in the air and chanted "Sieg Heil", which is a gang slogan used by the Mongrel Mob.

Judge MacKenzie then instructed the police officer to go outside after the women and hold them in contempt of court, which he did bringing them back through the courtroom and down to the holding cells.

"We do not have Sieg Heil in this courtroom," Judge MacKenzie said.

Curtis was remanded in custody to reappear for a case review hearing on May 22.