The $16 million Lotto winner has come forward to claim their prize.

Powerball was struck last night and a single player won a life-changing windfall of $16,250,000.

A Lotto spokesperson confirmed the winner, an Aucklander who brought their ticket online at MyLotto, had come forward.

It is the sixth time this year Powerball has been struck, following on from an $11 million win by a Hawke's Bay player in March.


Meanwhile, a punter from Whangārei managed to claim all four Strike numbers to win a total of $500,000 with the numbers 34, 35, 09 and 21.

The eye-watering sum won last night could buy the Powerball winner keys to 147 Range Rovers or 39 of this year's 911 Speedster Porsches.

Or the winning number could buy more than 240,000 bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut (750ml ).

Based on January's median house price in Auckland, the lowest in three years, the winner could afford to own 20 houses.

Using the same data, $16,250,000 could instead buy 58 houses in Southland.

However, the new multi-millionaire could instead set their sights on travel both close to home and farther afield.

The winning sum could be traded in for 406,250 adult return ferry tickets to Waiheke.

Or if you fancy travelling further away, the top win could purchase more than 5,000 center court seats at the men's singles final at Wimbledon.


A winner with a sweet-tooth could indulge themselves by buying more than three million blocks of Whittaker's 250g chocolate.

But if the win was spent entirely on a seasonal foodie favourite, the pantry would have to make room for more than 48 million hot cross buns.