So unless Rugby Australia receives "compelling mitigating factors," Israel Folau is gone.

I wondered why it was taking them longer than about five minutes to sack him.
Folau is a repeat offender and his latest social media outburst was beyond the pale.

What was he thinking? Talk about not reading the room.


Have we ever had a more heightened awareness of hate speech than right now?
Have we ever learned more powerfully than the past month in this country about the dangers of hate speech?

And yet, there's Israel Folau. His comments of course are unacceptable at any time don't get me wrong, but now? What was he thinking?
Was he trying to get out of his rugby contract?

What surprised me, almost as much as the comments themselves though, was the reaction of the 'Rugby Australia Integrity Unit'. As all of social and mainstream media blew up with this, they put out a statement saying they would "investigate the comments".

What? It was a bullet pointed list of hate speech, how hard is that to 'investigate'?
What's to investigate? The spelling?

In times like this it's important to remember that while many of us might be able to dismiss these words as crazy, hateful or stupid and not give it the time of day - others cannot.

What about young kids or members of the rainbow community who may look up to Israel Folau? What about those who already feel persecuted, or fragile, having this crap sprayed all over social media again?

What about young rugby fans?

And worse, what about those who agree with him and see this as stoking the fire? It's a reminder of the damage one voice can do.


And in the name of what? Religion.

So Christianity, which is supposed to be inclusive loving and accepting, is used as a weapon to exclude? I don't believe that's Christianity.

"Judge not that ye be not judged" - ring a bell?

There're other players with religious beliefs, but they are smart enough not to use them like this. Israel Folau had a platform. He abused it.

Not only is the Australian Rugby Union now looking at tearing up his contract, the NRL have said they won't touch him either.

So what's he achieved?

In preaching about all those he believes will go to hell, the only person going anywhere is Folau.

At 30-years-old, with a multi-million dollar four-year contract in his hands, what's he got now?

Well he'll argue his faith. I can only hope that pays the bills.