A young Hawke's Bay man who walked into strangers' homes in Maraenui because he was "tripping out" has been given a dressing down by a judge in court.

Michael Henry Hirst, 19, sniggered in court after pleading guilty to charges of unlawful entry and misuse of drugs.

"Do you think this is amusing? Behave yourself," Judge Geoff Rea told the teen in the Napier District Court on Wednesday.

Defence counsel Phil Jensen told Rea that Hirst was just "a young man experimenting and it went terribly wrong".


Hirst's unlikely adventure began at 5.27am on March 19 after taking LSD.

He drove his car up a Napier street and parked it on Hillary Cres in Maraenui before making his way through multiple properties.

One particular house must have stood out - as Hirst walked in through the screen door, only to be met by the owner - a complete stranger to him.

It became clear to Hirst that he wasn't welcome and left the house.

He was found a short time later by police on Shackleton St, and taken to Hastings Police Station where he pulled a tab of LSD from his pocket.

When asked why he had the drugs in his possession he replied, "I'm tripping out".

Judge Rea fined Hirst $300 on each charge as well as $150 court costs.