The Islamic Women's Council's national co-ordinator has told how the Christchurch mosque attacks touched her personally with the tragic death of her son.

Maysoon Salama said in a statement she had been overwhelmed dealing with serious injuries to her husband and the loss of her son.

"I put my faith in Allah and rely on him to give me strength and courage," she said.

"I know many other Muslim families are doing the same right now, families who are close friends and very dear to me."


Despite the tragedy, Salama thanked well-wishers from across New Zealand and the world for sending kind messages and joining the Muslim community at mosques "to grieve with us".

"My thanks also go out to all Government agencies and workers who responded immediately on Friday and have made sure that we have what we need at this terrible time," she said.

"I would like to that all central and local Government representatives, and especially our Prime Minister, for the way the support they have given our community in our hour of need."

Salama said her time was now needed to support her "injured husband and grieving family and friends".

She asked that requests to the Islamic Women's Council be directed to others at the organisation, while she supported her family at home.