Residents of a Whangārei street have been left startled after what they believe to be gunshots were fired in the early hours of the morning.

The shots are alleged to have been fired at about 4.30am Thursday morning near Tauroa St in Raumanga.

One Tauroa St resident said she happened to be up at the time.

"I was in the kitchen making my moko a bottle and I heard 'boom boom boom'."


She said the shots were "very loud" and sounded like they were out on the road.

Another resident said he heard about six shots and described them as "rapid fire".

"What they've done is terrified people, shooting it off for no reason."

He said he had not heard of any damage or injury to any property, cars or people in the neighbourhood as a result of the shots which were fired.

Another man said it was "weird" to hear something like that in the area.

"It's quiet as down here."

One resident said she was woken up by the shots.

"It sounded like someone was banging on our garage door."


Then her neighbour told her it was gunshots.

She said she heard "maybe four" shots.

"I haven't heard anything like that before, not from sleeping."

Police confirmed they received a call at about 4.30am yesterday morning from residents in the Tauroa St area. The residents reported what they described as gunshots near their properties.

Police said a unit attended immediately and carried out enquiries in the area but were unable to find anything.

However, police said if members of the public have any information that could help their inquiry, they should contact police.

It is the second report of shots fired in Raumanga in recent months.

In late November, a commercial vehicle was shot at in an apparent drive-by shooting in Warwick Place, Raumanga, also overnight.

The back glass window was shattered and a large hole, believed to be from the firearm, could be seen under the damaged window.