Buying a Lotto ticket every week for the past five years using the same numbers he had a lucky feeling about, finally paid off for a Christchurch man who is now $5.5m richer.

The man, who did not want to be named, decided to continue using the same numbers after winning $90 on a Dip ticket in 2014.

But it was only when he was checking his numbers of the Lotto App on Saturday night that he realised his gut feeling over the numbers being lucky had been right.

"I saw the first couple of numbers circled off on my ticket and thought that was quite a good start – then they just kept coming. By the time the fifth number was circled I was making a fair bit of noise.


"When that sixth number was circled… well, I just couldn't believe it. And then came the Powerball! When I saw that, I leapt up and started running around the room screaming."

The man rushed to tell his partner who had trouble getting her head around so many numbers on the screen.

"I showed her the picture of my ticket with the prize amount and she just looked at me and said 'what's that - $5500?'. I had to tell her to look again – I guess we aren't used to looking at a number with so many zeros!"

Letting his big win sink in, he went for a walk to get some dinner but the big grin didn't slip off his face.

The couple are still mulling over what to do with their new found fortune, but a house and a new car and helping out the family are at the top of their list.

They are also still coming terms with their win.

"We're not extravagant people and have always been careful with money, so we keep looking at things and thinking 'nah, that's too expensive' – then I catch myself.

"We're going to be pretty sensible with the winnings – it's a life-changing prize and I want to make it last."


The winning ticket was purchased on MyLotto and is the second time a Powerball First Division has been won in just over a week. An Auckland couple won $9m in Powerball.

This is the second time in a row the Powerball First Division has been won. A young West Auckland couple won $8 million in the previous week's draw and were also planning to spend some of their winnings on a new house and helping family.