Indian motorcycles from around the country have converged on Hawke's Bay, taking part in the Napier Art Deco Festival.

The rally was organised by Hawke's Bay member of the Indian Register of Indians New Zealand (IRONZ), Jim Lord.

"We just get together once a year and ride our old Indian bikes all together," he said.

Many are Army Green, once the most common colour for New Zealand Indians.


"Indians were a strong-selling brand in between the two world wars and a lot of the military ones were used by New Zealand forces," Lord said.

Motorcyclist John Turney of Cambridge said you had to ride an Indian to appreciate why it had such a loyal following.

"When you ride an Indian there is just something that talks to your heart and just says 'man this is great'.

"It's the 42 degree v-twin maybe, just singing to your heart. They're lovely."

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