An Auckland cyclist captured footage of his near collision with a bus on a narrow bridge and tried to confront the driver about the incident.

Alec Tang posted the footage on Twitter shortly after the incident took place on Grafton Bridge, in Auckland, yesterday.

The video shows the bus coming scarily close to the cyclist while they both go along the bridge.

The cyclist then stops and tries to confront the bus driver, who appears to ignore him.


"Do you understand what you did? Do you understand what you did here? You're not going to listen?" he asks the driver, through the closed doors of the bus.

The video shows two buses overtaking Tang as he crossed the bridge, one of them frighteningly close.

"Kia ora @AklTransport, I know it's #ValentinesDay, but doesn't mean your bus drivers need to try & mount me," Tang posted in a tweet that included the video.

"I'd say it's reckless but really it's just standard isn't it?

"Do something before someone dies."

Tang, who works as a sustainability lead at Auckland Council, is an activist and advocate for safer cycling in the city.

Auckland Transport told the Daily Mail it is investigating the incident.