A message from the Howick Local Board about how East Auckland residents should not block public parking has sparked controversy online.

The Howick Local Board shared a Facebook message yesterday after an outraged resident came to them about a complaint about people reserving park illegally.

"Sadly we have advised about this before," they wrote.

"You can not use cones outside your property to reserve parking. Leaving your bins out to prevent others parking is a no-no too! All you are likely to achieve is very annoyed neighbours."


Sadly we have advised about this before. You can not use cones outside your property to reserve parking. Leaving your...

Posted by Howick Local Board on Monday, 11 February 2019

This led to many outrage residents complaining in the comments about their own incidents of people leaving cones on the road.

One resident explained the disputes she had with her neighbour and how she dealt with it when he used cones to block access to parking.

"This funny guy had a cone outside his house near my daughter's school last week to stop people parking in front of his house. So I drove over it lol, got back to my car and he had put it right in front of my car it 'try' stop my from driving off.

"So I threw it on his drive way, and he came to have a go at me! I cracked up laughing, funny little man. If you don't like it move, you decided to live next door to a school."

One person backed people who live near schools saying: "I live near a school and only have a problem when lazy as parents feel the need to park part way across my drive or within a metre of each side so I can barely get out. I'd used a cone too if I had one!"

Some people pointed out that people shouldn't block the path with cars "as the white one is in the [Howick Local Board] photo."

Another agreed saying: "I hate bad people and bad neighbours. My neighbour parks his car right over the pedestrian, even there is a parking lot next to his house."

A East Auckland resident, who lives in the street over from the one in the photo asked the Howick Local Board if they could fix her issue as she is having problems with cones blocking the road.


"I'm currently staying down Tinaku Road ... The residents across from me use cones and vehicles to block car parks and keep them to themselves. Could we get some action on this please?," she asked.

One person tried to come up with a solution for the public parking blocking madness.

"Maybe council should look at 2-hour parking only as a lot of people now park their cars near a bus stop, and leave it there for a whole day," the resident wrote.

"Also, it's almost impossible to get out of your driveway near schools, everybody just wants to drop off the kids close to the school gate. Happily blocking every driveway with no consideration for the people."

As mentioned in the Howick Local Board's post, this isn't the first time this has become an issue.

Last year a Buckland beach resident had issues with their neighbour illegally putting out toy cones to block access to public parking down her street.

Following the incident, the Bucklands Beach resident spoke with her neighbour to try to make things right, which sparked a heated argument.

"I went and saw the people who put the cones out and they said it was so they could park their car there. No other reason," she said.

"I explained that this was illegal and they don't have the rights to a public road. He asked me to park my car elsewhere.

"I explained that I often do but if I want to park in that particular spot then I am quite entitled to. He said 'have a nice day, goodbye' and closed the door in my face."

On the same evening, the cones had been removed and the neighbour accused the local of stealing them.

"She said I told her husband I was going to take them, I never did," she told the Herald.