A member of a group of troublesome travellers, accused of fraud and assault with a weapon, is now wanted by police after absconding while on bail.

The 26-year-old British man was due to appear today in the Auckland District Court to amend his bail address after being released from custody last Friday.

However, the man failed to appear this morning and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

As part of his bail he was required to present himself at the Auckland central police station every day, not apply for any travel documents, not contact two other alleged offenders, and not engage in any work.


His charges include assault with a weapon, reckless driving, and dishonestly using a document.

The assault and driving charges stemmed from an incident at Takapuna Beach in Auckland on January 13.

The man has been granted interim name suppression until he is due to next appear in court on February 8.

He is also expected to enter a plea to the charges then.

Krista Curnow was at the North Shore beach when the incident unfolded earlier this month.

She alleged a car veered towards her and the British driver tried to take her cellphone while she tried to take a picture of the car's licence plate.

The family of tourists have made headlines around the world since a video emerged of their confrontational behaviour at the beach.

The disturbing footage showed the tourists dumping rubbish and empty alcohol bottles on the beach - then a young boy threatened to "knock the brains out" of locals who challenged their behaviour.


The man is the second member of the group to have been hauled into a Kiwi courtroom since their arrival in New Zealand in late December.

Tina Maria Cash, 26, admitted theft charges in Hamilton District Court on January 16 after she stole energy drinks, rope and sunglasses from an Auckland service station on two separate occasions.

She was convicted and ordered to pay $55 in reparation.

Five members of the group were also been served a deportation liability notices.