A Rotorua man has been sentenced to home detention for making secret recordings of teenage girls and possessing objectionable material, including images of children.

The man, who has been granted permanent name suppression, was sentenced on 17 charges - five of making an intimate visual recording, one of attempting to make an intimate visual recording and 11 of possessing objectionable material.

Judge Maree Mackenzie sentenced the man in the Rotorua District Court today to nine months' home detention, placed him on the child sex offender register and ordered him to undergo rehabilitation.

The judge did not impose imprisonment because she did not believe it would result in rehabilitation.


"You're at high risk of reoffending if there is not meaningful rehabilitation.

"Unless you are rehabilitated in a meaningful way the community will not be safe.

"We want to avoid any more female victims in this or any other community. Females are owed that much. They deserve much better."

The man's charges stem from a 16-month period from 2016 to 2018 during which he lived in two different homes.

While living in one house, he bought a hi-definition "spy" camera which he placed in various covert locations.

The camera was designed to be hidden from view and could capture both videos and photos.

At one point the man placed the camera in an en-suite. Only the lens was visible through a small purpose-made covering.

He obtained both photos and videos of three young women naked in the bathroom on numerous occasions while they were visiting.


He also placed the camera in a bedroom and collected more videos and photos.

Later, when he was living in another house, he tried to place a camera in a young child's bedroom but was caught.

The incident sparked an investigation, resulting in the 11 objectionable material charges.

Police found videos and images, which had been downloaded from the internet on USBs, micro SD cards, a laptop, iPod, two cellphones and a computer, that depicted child sex abuse.

The images featured pre-pubescent females aged between 6 and 14. The girls were partially or fully naked and were depicted doing sexual acts.

According to a summary of facts previously given to the Rotorua Daily Post, the man offended because "he liked the thrill of perving" and had stored the files to "help him deal with his feelings regarding his inappropriate sexual desires".

Since being caught, the man has attempted to seek rehabilitation.

Judge Mackenzie said the type of objectionable material in his possession could only be made because "people like you want to or do possess it".

"Your deviancy fuels demand."

The man was granted permanent name suppression to protect the identities of his victims.

"There is significant public interest in being named because we do not want any more victims in the community ... It's for the protection of the victims. They have been victimised and I do not want them to be re-victimised."

Referring to victim impact statements, the judge said the man's victims felt "disgusted, shocked and upset". She said one of the victims had lost trust in people while another was anxious about the prospect of hidden cameras.

Judge Mackenzie placed the man on the child sex offender register.

"You are socially awkward but you're old enough to know better," the judge said.

"You were capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. You can't have been under any illusion the actions you were taking were right, decent or morally appropriate."