A passenger was left covered in glass after a double decker bus crashed into the corner of a shop roof in Auckland this morning.

The bus travelling on Dominion Rd clipped the roof of a property as it headed towards the city centre around 8am this morning.

The crash took place near the Balmoral shops and smashed an upper level window on the double decker bus and cracked the upper windscreen.

A passenger told the Herald the incident caused a loud bang and showered an elderly woman, who was sitting next to the window, in glass.

The damage to the bus.
The damage to the bus.

"An older Asian woman was sitting in the front seat covered in glass and all through her hand bag," he said.

The witness, who was sitting about seven seats away from the window, said everyone got off the bus to catch the next one, but the elderly woman was left sitting there in shock.

"The worst thing about it all was the driver didn't come up to check on the passengers," he said.

"When I went down he was on his radio obviously calling it in, but I did say 'look there is a woman up there and I think she is in shock'.

"I thought his first point would be to ascertain the safety of the passengers before getting on the radio," he said.

There were approximately 15 passengers on the top deck of the bus, along with 20 more on the lower level when the incident happened.

An Auckland Transport spokesman said following the incident NZ Bus, which operates this service, immediately went to the scene.

"They spoke to the passenger who was seated near the window. The passenger was fine."


He said the veranda that was hit is being cut back to provide more space for double decker buses.