A $200 wad of cash found on the side of the road outside the Marewa shopping centre has been returned to its rightful and delighted owner.

Napier resident Yvonne Thacker discovered the money in the gutter, about to be blown away in the wind, on Thursday morning after leaving the shopping area.

After her granddaughter put a post up about it, more than 50 people had messaged her on Facebook hoping it was theirs.

By the end of Thursday the money was handed into the police station in the hope that someone might claim it. Thankfully, someone did.


Thacker said the money belonged to a pensioner who had drawn the cash out of an ATM and then dropped it.

"He had all the right details and even had a receipt he said he could show of taking the money out," she said.

The owner was so grateful he planned to reward her with a roast lamb which will be taken to her next week, she said.