Three American brothers are in for a fright when they come on holiday to New Zealand next week, after their father put out a secret dating ad.

Neil, from Oregon, placed a classified ad in the Herald this week looking to set his sons up on blind dates with Kiwi women.

"We are from the States (Oregon), visiting your beautiful country. My wife and I have three wonderful, successful, handsome, alas unmarried, sons between the ages of 28-32," the ad read.

"We are not expecting, just hoping, to introduce our sons to nice NZ daughters. At the very least we'll embarrass our sons and the truth is, we do find some enjoyment in that."


Speaking with the Herald, Neil said he chose to place the ad as a way for his sons to meet people while travelling.

"We like to travel and I have gone with my kids to Europe, Australia and Japan, but we have never really interacted with anybody and in my mind I was just interested in them getting to know people, meeting people their age, and maybe develop some lasting, permanent relationships," he said.

"I have never done anything like this before and they don't know. They are clueless, which I love."

The classified ad was placed in the NZ Herald on Wednesday and Thursday.
The classified ad was placed in the NZ Herald on Wednesday and Thursday.

Neil said he had received more than 200 responses to the ad, and was basing his replies on sincerity.

"I'm somewhat surprised that I have got quite a lot of responses," he said.

"It is hard to tell how many are genuine. A few are maybe just scammers but for the most part people are really amazingly nice in your country."

While his sons remain unaware of their bachelor travel status, Neil was happy to provide detail for interested women.

The youngest of Neil's three sons, Benjamin, is 26 years old and is a consultant in Seattle.


His middle son, Jeremy, is 28 and is involved in a couple of not-for-profit organisations.

The eldest, 31-year-old Matthew, works in real estate in Portland.

"I know one of my sons uses these dating sites and is always going on introductory dates and meeting somebody, but he hasn't had a serious relationship in quite a while," Neil said.

"I decided to help. I have no idea what will happen, but at least we will be able to meet some people."

Neil said he plans on telling his sons of the ad either during the flight to NZ or when they disembark.

"I might say 'oh by the way I did place a little ad for you guys'," he laughed.


"I am sure they will be surprised and annoyed, but I am sure they will laugh. We have a good relationship and are always joking with each other. They know I am a little unusual in that regard."

If things go well, and "lasting, permanent relationships" are formed, Neil said he would like his daughter-in-laws to live close by.

"But I would just be happy if my kids have a happy, healthy relationship," he said.

Since the classified ad was first published on Wednesday, it has gone viral with many Kiwis posting a photo of it on social media.

"Go get em gals," one person commented, tagging their friends.

Another joked: "Can I use my exes as references?"


"A date for your wedding invite," one person wrote, tagging a friend.