Auckland Airport's flag remains stuck at half mast after it got stuck while it was being replaced.

There's been so many queries about the mishap, the airport had even posted about it on its Facebook page saying it was stuck.

It couldn't be fixed until they waited for the "biggest boom lift" - or crane - in New Zealand to arrive and readjust it.

People had also contacted the Herald, wondering whether someone at the airport or a person of significance had died. Others thought it may have been linked to the father and uncle of slain British backpacker having flown back home at the weekend.


However, an airport spokeswoman said it was a simple case of the flag getting stuck while it was being replaced.

Due to its size they needed a special crane to reach it, she said.

The crane is due to arrive sometime this week.

NZ Flag

We’ve had a few people message us today about our flag flying half-mast.🇳🇿 This morning, while changing it out for a nice new one, it got stuck. We hope to have it fixed early next week, we’re just waiting for the biggest boom lift in NZ to turn up. Thank you all for your concern.

Posted by Auckland Airport on Thursday, 13 December 2018