Police have confirmed a man charged with the murder of a woman in Ngakuru on Monday was also involved in a crash with a logging truck nearby on the same morning.

A 50-year-old woman was killed in the small farming community south of Rotorua and police were called to the property at 7.15am. Her identity is yet to be released by police, who have launched a homicide inquiry.

At 7.30am, police were called to a crash on State Highway 30, between the intersections of Nicholson Rd and Yak Rd, at Horohoro.

Police said at the time a truck and logging truck collided but despite both vehicles being badly damaged, no one was hurt.


There was a lot of debris on the road and it was blocked while emergency services cleared the scene.

A police media spokeswoman confirmed to the Rotorua Daily Post yesterday the arrested man was involved in the crash.

Photo / Googlmaps
Photo / Googlmaps