Each week the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking The Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's the things you need to know before monetising a hobby. Hosted by Frances Cook.

When you're trying to get better with money, there's one simple truth that can't be ignored: it's always easier to do well if you have more cash coming in the door.

Asking for a raise is one option, but another that appeals to many people is starting their own business.

After all, the stakes may be high, but so are the rewards.


It is something the average person can do. After all, New Zealand is famous for its business scene being dominated by small to medium businesses.

The trick is that, if it's just you, you only have yourself to rely on.

You need to become a jack of all trades, and learn fast, if you want to be successful.

I talked to Xero's managing director for New Zealand and Pacific, Craig Hudson, for the latest Cooking the Books podcast.

We discussed what to know before you start, the common problems, and how to wrap your head around the financial side.

For the interview, listen to the podcast.

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