A Napier synthetic drugs dealer has admitted trading his product by swapping "two bags of smoke" for a weed eater.

Appearing in Napier District Court, Hirini George Hoterini, 53, pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing psychoactive substance for supply and one of possessing the synthetics amid an admission some of his stash was wheat grass which was added to synthetics to bolster the quantity.

He appeared before Judge Geoff Rea.

According to a summary, police conducted an operation in May 2018, Operation Ruby, targeting known drug dealers and houses which sold and supplied psychoactive substances.


Police searched Hoterini's address on June 26 and discovered "an amount of plant material" along with a weed eater, which police say had been stolen in a burglary.

Hoterini told police he swapped the weed eater for $20 and "two bags of smoke" worth about $60.

After sending the plant matter to the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, results identified as a substance within the plant material, 5F-ADB.

It's commonly known as K2, which is used for psychoactive substances.

According to a World Health Organisation report, 5F-ADB is associated with "rapid loss of consciousness/coma, cardiovascular effects".

On August 13, police again searched Hoterini's address.

After hearing sounds of a toilet flushing they forced entry to find him leaving from his bedroom, his alleged co-offender was found leaving the bathroom.

Seven small zip lock bags were discovered in the toilet bowl, filled with what appeared to be synthetic cannabis.


Police also found two large plastic bags down Hoterini's trousers, which contained material resembling synthetic cannabis along with more than $1000.

They also discovered three sets of electronic scales, two police scanners and another zip lock bag containing of what appeared to be synthetic cannabis in the fireplace of his bedroom.

Hoterini told police that one of the bags contained a psychoactive substance, but the other was a bag of wheat grass.

Hoterini was remanded on bail for sentence on December 21 as Judge Rea called for a report on home detention possibilities, while indicating it that did not mean a jail sentence was out of the question.

Possession for supply could result in up to two years in prison.