The person who died from a workplace accident near Masterton this morning was a female staff member at a sawmill.

The woman was a member of the team at Kiwi Lumber on Norman Ave, Waingawa.

Emergency services were called to the address at 8.35am.

WorkSafe NZ will be notified.


Kiwi Lumber spokeswoman Liz Read said it was a "devastating day for the team" and for everyone in the business.

"The team are entirely focused on supporting the family and the people who were with her at the time of the accident," she said.

"It's just an extraordinarily tragic accident."

Carterton Mayor John Booth said any death in the community was a tragedy, whether in the workplace, on the roads, or some other way.

"Knowing the tight community where it's happened, they will be feeling it deeply," he said.

"One death is one death too many."