Witnesses are shaken after a "disgusting" road rage incident in which a cyclist allegedly hurt a woman by jamming her in a car door.

But police say accounts from the scene contradict each other and no charges are being laid.

The incident happened outside Mojo cafe near the Wellington Railway Station yesterday morning after a car cut off a cyclist, causing him to hit the back of the vehicle.

The car had pulled over into a cycle lane to drop off the female passenger, who then got out of the car and opened the back door to get something out, further blocking the cyclist as he tried to go around.


A witness said she saw the incident unfold in her mirrors as she was parking.

"He got really angry and he started pushing the door and hurting her . . . he was angry so it was quite a bit of force."

She said the cyclist shoved the door against the woman about four times.

But Inspector Wade Jennings said they had three different stories from the cyclist, the victim, and the victim's husband.

"She's gone to the back door . . . the cyclist tried to get past . . . the door has been pushed against her."

Jennings said there was "quite a bit of yelling and arguing" but the cyclist waited for police to arrive and co-operated with officers.

"No one's getting charged," he said.

Another witness, who did not see the alleged slamming incident but did speak to the victim's husband, said it was only an intervention from members of the public that stopped a fight breaking out.


He stayed speaking with the husband and the cyclist until police arrived.

He said the incident was "disgusting".

"What's two seconds of anger worth?"

The woman was in shock and "couldn't believe that it happened", he said.

"She was okay and she said 'my leg still hurts'."

The other witness felt "a bit shaken up" after the incident.

"I know he cut off the cyclist but there's no need for violence, you know?"

A police spokesman said inquiries were ongoing following reports of an assault about 9.20am yesterday.

Police were called to the incident at the intersection of Featherston and Bunny Sts.

"The informant and his wife were allegedly assaulted by a cyclist following a collision," the spokesman said.