A woman called Whanganui Police more than 70 times within six months, making false claims of being harassed, trespassing and threatening behaviour towards her.

The defendant was granted name suppression when sentenced on a charge of using a phone for fictitious purposes in Whanganui District Court on Wednesday.

Judge Barbara Morris said that publication of the defendant's name could cause her extreme hardship as she suffers from anxiety.

"What occurred is that over a period of six months, you phoned 111 on 73 occasions asking the police to come and check on your address," Judge Morris said.


"You made what you now accept were false claims of harassment, trespass and threatening behaviour to you."

Judge Morris noted that the defendant had previously suffered a head injury.

"At the time, you had just undergone a separation and you suffer from anxiety so that in your own mind at the time, you were conscious of a need for support by the police.

"This is not a case where you have done this maliciously to make things harder for the police. It is a case where with your anxiety, you were seeking that assistance."

In sentencing the defendant, Judge Morris noted that she had no previous convictions and was making an effort to seek treatment.

Judge Morris sentenced her to nine months' supervision.

"As you can appreciate, if we all called the police this number of times because we were concerned, the whole system would fall down.

"It's important that you don't continue to make these calls."