Auckland residents will have extra swimming spots to choose from over the summer, with the announcement a number of beaches have been deemed safe again.

Four beaches in the Manukau Harbour have had long-term public health warnings lifted - one of which, at Weymouth Beach near Manurewa, has been in place for almost 20 years.

Polluted waters have previously ruled the beaches - Armour Bay, Taumanu East, Clarks Beach and Weymouth - out for swimming; with the public being warned that there was a high risk of infection.

But ongoing work by the Manurewa Local Board, Watercare and the Auckland Council to find illegal wastewater connections, increase enforcement and fix damaged waste and stormwater pipes had led to this positive result.


Auckland mayor Phil Goff said it was a particularly remarkable thing to be able to remove a permanent public health warning that had "plagued'' Weymouth Beach for nearly two decades.

"Swimming at our beaches is a cornerstone of the Kiwi summer. It's fantastic that we can today tell Aucklanders that four beaches which have been no-go areas, some of them for nearly 20 years, are open for summer," he said.

"Working with our local communities and more precise and up-to-the-minute understanding of our water quality through [public alert website] Safeswim has also enabled the removal of permanent public health warnings at Armour Bay, Taumanu East and Clarks Beach.''

Now on the Safeswim site, Weymouth Beach's water quality reads: "Low Risk: Water quality meets national guidelines, very low risk of infection.''

Manurewa Local Board chairwoman Angela Dalton acknowledged it was a big win for the local Weymouth and Manurewa communities and said it represented genuine improvement in water quality.

"We are delighted locals will finally be able to swim at Weymouth this summer without risking their health,'' she said.

Members of the public are still urged to check the Safeswim site regularly to ensure it is safe to swim or gather seafood from a particular beach.