The Armed Offenders Squad is attending an incident near King's College in South Auckland tonight.

A police spokeswoman said police are conducting an operation in the Mangere-Papatoetoe area and confirmed AOS is in attendance.

An officer at the scene confirmed a firearm had been located.

The police spokeswoman told the Herald around 9.30pm the AOS was stood down and several people are assisting police with enquiries.


A resident on Jellicoe St in Otahuhu said the Police Eagle helicopter had been circling the Kings College area for the past two hours.

He said it was "really strange" and hadn't seen a police officer or car in the area either.

One Golf Ave resident said the police helicopter had been up flying for quite some time. There was a "paddy wagon" outside the neighbour's home with three police officers and the end of road was cordoned off by more police.

A worker at the Super Liquor on Savill Drive in Mangere East said a police officer came into the store earlier tonight to see if they had seen anything out of the ordinary.

The worker said he didn't what is going on in the area and there was "pretty much nothing happening".