A boy who was missing for 12 hours in the Wellington suburb of Tawa has been found.

The mother of Xion Flaws confirmed the good news on Facebook.

"My son has been found. thank you so much everyone. You have all been so amazing."

Xion was found by a member of the public in the bush near Chastudon Place.


His mother told Stuff she was waiting for him to be dropped off.

"I stopped listening once they said he had been found by a member of the community. I was just shocked and started crying."

Sergeant Anthony Harmer said Xion was safe and well.

"[He] will be checked over by medical staff and reunited with his family," Harmer said.

"Police would like to thank everyone who assisted and offered to assist with the search, the support from the community and members of the public is appreciated."

Police had held serious fears for the "non-verbal" 9-year-old boy who had been missing since 8pm last night.

Xion had last been seen on Greer Cres in Tawa at around 8pm last night and police and his family had serious concerns for his safety.

Xion's mother said he was non-verbal. He was clad only in a grey Fila T-shirt, blue jean shorts and white converse shoes.


He had left his socks and shoes at a friend's house.

"There has been some misinformed people spreading the word that he will respond to clapping (he won't)," his mother said earlier today.

"He will not purposely hide from anyone. He doesn't play hide and go seek and wouldn't have any idea how to."

Residents in the Tawa area were asked to check their garages, basements and sheds as Xion is known to wander into people's houses randomly.

Police were in the Tawa area overnight doing door knocks.