"Later today Simon Bridges is going to attempt to pin his leak inquiry on me."

Jami-Lee Ross

"With one exception, our examination did not identify any evidence to suggest that any National Party MP is the text message sender. The exception is Mr Ross...". PwC report


"Jami-Lee Ross is burnt toast, he is probably on a five or six setting toast, that someone has forgotten about, that is smoking in the kitchen." political commentator Ben Thomas
"I'm fast losing interest in him as an MP." Judith Collins

"I can no longer serve in a political party led by a corrupt politician." Jami-Lee Ross
"We are not going to tolerate the kind of behaviour we have seen from Jami-Lee Ross."
Simon Bridges

"What was put to him was inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament." Paula Bennett
"When I'm accused of being a liar by the National Party and Simon Bridges, I have evidence, text messages and recordings that say I'm not a liar." Jami-Lee Ross

"Maureen Pugh's f***ing useless." Recording of Simon Bridges

"He has defamed me, and he has lied." Simon Bridges
"He was calm. He was collected. He was every bit the master of deception." An unnamed woman who said she was abused by Ross

"I've never seen a meltdown like this in my time in politics." Winston Peters

"I owe my wife a huge apology. I've done some things I'm not proud of. I have apologised to her in person and I'm going to continue to apologise to her in person. Jami-Lee Ross