Botany voters are saying time's up for ousted National MP Jami-Lee Ross who has held their electorate seat since 2011.

For most though, it has not damaged their views of the National Party, which has long held a strong majority in the east Auckland suburb.

Ross – who resigned as a National MP on Monday – released a secret tape of a conversation between himself and National Party leader Simon Bridges yesterday afternoon.

On the tape, Bridges described MP Maureen Pugh as "f***ing useless" and suggested various MPs were on their way out. Ross also made comments about the ethnicity of candidates, saying two Chinese would be better than two Indians.


Today the Newsroom website reported Ross had relationships with four women, with some claiming they were groomed and used for access to information and power.

From a dozen people spoken to in the Botany town centre, the majority said they would not vote for Ross in a byelection in light of the recent scandals, with most opting for a different National candidate.

Michael Chong said he had been voting for Ross since he came on the scene in 2011, but not anymore.

"I can't wait for a replacement to come in," Chong said.

"The issue is honesty. I am surprised by what he has done. We always believed he was trying to do something for us, but now seems it is all personal.

"I met him quite a few times, so I am a quite surprised, the comments, the recording, the whole situation, we don't need that at the moment."

The saga had not damaged his support for National, but he said they might need a new leader.

"I am questioning [Simon Bridges'] leadership, I think we need someone stronger."

Ross has been MP for the Botany electorate in Auckland since the March 2011 Botany byelection. He won the 2017 election with 63 per cent of the vote.

Brenda Causer said she and her husband had been longtime supporters, and would wait to see how the whole situation played out.

"It's a real shame. I feel sorry Jami-Lee Ross on one hand, but also Simon Bridges.

"[His actions] may have changed what I think of Jami-Lee as a person, but it hasn't changed what I think of him as politician. At this stage I am undecided, maybe I will still vote for him, there is still a lot to happen. It has not changed my view of National at all."

Former Ross voter John Allen said it was a "mess".

"I think [Ross] has lost the plot. It is possible there is something in [the donation allegations], but my first impression is he has lost the plot.

"He was a smart, bright guy. It is unlikely I would support him again, but I think you have to wait until the full assessment of what has happened before making a decision.

"It would depend who National puts up."

Terry Stretton said Ross recording Bridges was "immoral" if not "illegal", and it had changed his views of the young politician.

"I definitely won't be voting for him again. The whole drama, it is very unprofessional."

Julia Anderson said she was a National supporter but hadn't voted for Ross in the 2017 election. The scandal was not good for the party overall, she said.

"I think it is crazy, attacking within the party so publicly. National will have to start again with a new leader and try again. [Bridges] is going to have to let somebody else try."