Well, Auckland motorist Pieter Kruger has certainly sparked a storm of media attention after taking to task the inherent selfishness of cyclists riding two abreast who block road traffic.

And good on Pieter for calling them out. Captured on camera, in full lycra glory, stubbornly refusing to form a single file on a dangerous winding and narrow road, knowing full well he was behind them in his car, and could not safely pass. He was on his way home to Piha on West Coast Road.

But oh no, these dorks chose to keep their conversation going, while cycling two abreast, commandeering the roadway, and blocking his ability to pass them. Perhaps these wannabe Lance Armstrongs were channelling their righteous arrogance.


But isn't this so typical? So cliche. So completely out of control.

Rabid, careless two abreasters, who refuse to budge, refuse to show one skerrick of basic courtesy and refuse to follow basic courtesy on the road.

I am staggered that the Cycling Action Network has had the gall to defend this kind of behaviour by cyclists. Patrick Morgan can't see anything wrong.

He would have you believe that riding two abreast on a winding road is safety enhancing, because it prevents motorists from recklessly overtaking. And he also claims the road rules are widely misunderstood, because riding two abreast is permitted.

I can't tell whether he is being deliberately provocative, and mischievous for the sake of it, but Morgan needs a refresher on the rules.

The code states quite explicitly that it's legal for cyclists to ride two abreast. But if the road is narrow, or if they are impeding traffic from behind, they must cycle single file.

So why don't they play ball? And don't get me started on wannabe Lance Armstrong pack cyclists. The peloton brigade who seem to take perverse pleasure who hijacking much of the road, and to tell hell with anyone else.

Equally exasperating are those turkeys who insist on riding two abreast, where one is in the painted cycle lane, while the other rides side by side on the roadway, blocking you. Get in your lane.


Now please, before you think I'm peddling hate against cyclists – I am a cyclist too. Mike on his bike. I love my bike, for a weekend blast about.

But the rabid, feckless rump of the cycling community are their own worst enemies. Stuffed with entitlement. And stuff you.

* Mike Yardley is a Newstalk ZB host.