Four mangled cars including two late model Mercedes lay on a quiet suburban North Shore street last night, but there was nobody to be seen.

Witnesses say it appeared the driver of a late-model had Mercedes ploughed into three parked cars on Topliss Drive, Northcross, writing them all off before fleeing the scene on foot.

Northcross resident Dayna O'Brien said they were inside their home on when they heard a loud bang and screeching tyres just before midnight.

Her partner ran outside and was one of the first people on the scene.


"It was carnage. He was looking in the crashed cars to see if anyone was injured, but there was nobody around."

The white late-model Mercedes appeared to have crashed first into a neighbour's Nissan Skyline before ricocheting into the other two cars - O'Brien's dad's Mercedes and her brother's girlfriend's brand-new BMW.

"The person who phoned police said they saw the driver running away. My partner didn't see them, but said he heard them running."

There had been a party down the road earlier in the evening and they had heard people doing burnouts on the road.

"I am not sure where the car came from, though. The car must have spun out after hitting the first car," O'Brien said.

Their cars were insured but it was a pretty "annoying" end to their Saturday night.

"We were all annoyed, it must have ended about 3.30am."

A police spokeswoman this morning said police were advised by St John Ambulance of the crash shortly after midnight.


"It appears a car collided with other vehicles and then rolled," she said.

The road was cleared by about 2.15am.

There was no further information about the driver of the vehicle.